The need of unifying economic growth with an equal distribution of resources in a new development scenario has come out at the beginning of the 70s, after consolidating the belief that the previous method would have brought to the imminent fault of natural systems.

Sustainability is a continuous process and recalls the need of linking the three main dimensions of Development: Environmental, Economic, Social.

Since ever, Naturaverde Bio is environmentally-conscious and that is why the company chooses advanced technologies, natural organic materials, certified by the most authoritative associations.

Our concept of organic was born from the awareness of a processing certified by the European associations. We employ and select only raw materials from sustainable farming to realize our products. This is our prerogative to guarantee certain balance of an ecosystem in danger.

From this perspective we develop an accurate search of the materials. That is the reason why we have achieved the most important certifications of reliability. And we believe that these details are crucial for the present and the future of mankind.